Hello! I’m Justine – a Melbourne-based postpartum professional.

My business (formerly called ‘Domestica’) has taken on a few forms since its inception in 2004 as a dedicated decluttering and organising service – which  evolved to also offer in-home cooking and nannying. I have always thrived on supporting families – making their lives just that little bit better, even in small ways makes me happy!  Over the years I have been privy to the hopes, dreams and worries of many pregnant women as well as those in early and extended postpartum…and while every single person has different support needs – they all have the need to be heard, seen and attended to.  I am now driven by a deep desire to use the experience and knowledge I have gathered over the past 25 years to support my local community of  Mothers and families.

In 2019 I undertook postpartum doula training with Julia Jones of the  Newborn Mothers Collective to learn how to best support women throughout their transition from maiden to Mother. Doing this has allowed me to continue to utilise my organising, cooking and infant development knowledge – but through the lens of a postpartum doula. During my twenties and thirties I honed my skill-set working as a nanny, chef, housekeeper and professional organiser in Melbourne, London, Venice and places in between!  I’ve studied an assortment of things from Liberal Arts to Tour Guiding to Urban Farming and how to live a Low Tox Life with Alexx Stuart.

My work ethic is underpinned by my commitment to sustainability and intention to live a life that’s kind towards our bodies and our planet. I’m passionate about helping others implement these values into their daily lives in practical ways – from how to live with  less, to making some easy low-tox swaps around the house to guidance on the use and care of cloth nappies. I have years of lived experience with chemical and food sensitvities – part of MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Disorder) so living a lower-tox life is a non negotiable for my wellbeing. Pretty much all the recipes and food I share are gluten free and low histamine too!

Random facts about me: my favourite tv shows (in no particular order) are: Seinfeld, NCIS, Outlander, The Walking Dead and Midsomer Murders. I am obsessed with fresh air; opening windows and doors all year round regardless of the temperature. I used to cook for Jamie Oliver in his London restaurant and even once babysat his kids when they were littles. I have a tendency to kick my slippers off and leave them all over the house, I have rowed the Grand Canal in Venice and I can’t stand the sound of any else’s teeth being brushed except my own. The past few year of exploration has led to learning about my neurodivergent brain (AuDHD x OCD) which has opened a whole new world of understanding and kindness towards not only those I support, but also myself.

I’d love to set up a time to chat about your needs and how I might be able to support you. Send me a message via the contact form , my socials or book a time for an obligation-free 15-min chat here.