Postpartum Planning (Virtual)

A lot of time and energy is spent focusing on pregnancy and birth, but much less time planning for the fourth trimester. Your needs as a new mother are just as important as your baby.  How will you protect your space and manage visitors and their expectations? Who will take care of cooking and other domestic tasks while you rest and recover? How will you keep your cup full while you give so much to a new little human? Essentially – Who is going to look after you?

While there are so many unknowns in the world of birth, babies and parenting, there is a lot to be said for preparing for what is known and in your control. If you feel safe, heard and supported during this vulnerable time you have a much higher chance of a peaceful postpartum. This doesn’t mean prepare for every possible scenario (particularly from a place of fear) more simply; have some ideas, be open to change and be flexible around how things might unfold. From the words of my teacher, Julia Jones…Be prepared to change the plan if things don’t turn out the way you’d imagined. Adjust, adapt, accept. Don’t get stuck in an information frenzy, there’s more to postpartum than planning. Make a plan, but don’t stick to it.”

This 75 min session is a wonderful opportunity to dive in and explore some of the things that may be helpful to consider as you prepare for your fourth trimester (and beyond). Things such as navigating changing relationships, village and community building, visitors, nourishing your mind and body plus reliable  resource and information gathering. Do you want to delve into the world of cloth nappies or perhaps work on creating a lower-tox  healthy home? We focus on what’s most important to you and what will best serve you as a  mother and family. *Note: If you are past the early days of postpartum but would still like to pick my brain around specific aspects of  home and Mothercare then this is still a great option to help guide you with more confidence and clarity x

Your session includes: 
*A 75 minute 1:1 session (Zoom)
*Comprehensive planning guide to work through together (sent prior to our session)
*Personalised action plan emailed along with checklists & resources
*Email/text support for 14 days following our session

Investment  $175 Book Here