These packs have been put together with much love and consideration with the goal of providing Mums (of any season) with practical, useful and beautiful items to support them physically and emotionally during the weeks, months or years of postpartum. This is what I would include in a care pack for the Mamas I work with so I decided to spread the love a little further while we are so much more isolated (especially here in Melbourne). I have chosen items that draw on traditional postpartum practices that are used worldwide to encourage rest and healing using items and ingredients that are kind to not only our mind and bodies but also the planet.

 Each pack comes with an information sheet with details of each item and instructions on how to best benefit from them  (a complimentary hand-written gift can also included).  Almost everything is locally sourced and buying one of these care packs supports so many other Australian small businesses, not just my own. Most packaging is reusable, recyclable or home compostable – yay! *Food items included in these packs are assembled and packaged in my council-registered kitchen.

I hope you (or a new Mama in your life) loves them as much as I have enjoyed putting them together.
Shipping will be dependent on location (approximate costs within major cities being around $12-15 using Sendle).
Free local delivery within the city of Boroondara (Melb).
Please get in touch via my contact page to organise payment and delivery.

Thank you so much!

Quintessential Care Pack $149 (introductory price)
✨Postnatal Bliss Healing Herbs 100g (for bath or sitz) by Blissful Herbs
✨Set of stretchy belly wraps in two sizes
✨Organic black sesame body oil 200ml by Bioveda
✨Eyepillow by WheatBags Love
✨Organic cotton washcloth by Woollykins Organics
✨Magnesium bath soak with organic herbs 400g made by me!
✨Soothing Salve 30ml by Blissful Herbs
✨Babymoon Bliss Tea 35g by Blissful Herbs
✨Nepali rice pudding mix 200g made by me
✨Hazelnut Mylk Choc 30g by Loving Earth
Mini Care Pack $69 (introductory price)
✨Eyepillow by WheatBags Love
✨Magnesium bath soak with organic herbs 200g made by me!
✨Soothing Salve 10ml by Blissful Herbs
✨Babymoon Bliss Tea 35g by Blissful Herbs
✨Nepali rice pudding mix 200g by me!
✨Hazelnut Mylk Choc 30g by Loving Earth

*Will add photos soon! Please see my Instagram page for basic photos x