In-home support

I have created two core packages to support you – The Sapphire and The Emerald – both developed with the needs of an expectant or new mother in mind. They are designed to give you the flexibility to use our time together prenatally and/or postnatally to best align with your values and needs. I want you to feel less overwhelmed, more anchored and equipped to mentally and physically care for yourself and your baby – and how that looks for everyone can look very different.

The Sapphire package is a wonderful foundation option to build on  – it comprises of 5 hours of in-home support that can be used as best suits your needs. This option is perfect if you are not sure how much support you might need and would like a taste of what it feels like to work together…. or perhaps you know what you would most benefit from and just need a few sessions to address what is most important to you.

The Emerald package comprises of 10 hours of in-home support and also includes a dedicated postpartum planning session which is an excellent opportunity to explore some ideas that can be helpful to consider during your fourth trimester. This might include (but not limited to) setting  boundaries and how to manage visitors, what your new days might look like, nourishing meals & snacks to have on hand, thinking about what helps you feel good (and get that oxytocin flowing) and guidance around building your village and asking for help. I can even do a clean-out and organise your fridge/freezer/pantry if that is what brings you joy!

Both packages are super-flexible options that can be tailored to meet your individual needs and budget. They also include: my postpartum planning workbook (and relevant checklists), access to a lending and demonstration library of books and baby-care items, a personalised, comprehensive on-line resource directory with articles, links and referrals for service providers, recipes a mother-centered care pack and ongoing messaging support.

In-home visits can include things like:

  • Cooking of warming, postpartum-specific meals and snacks
  • Pantry and fridge stocking/organisation
  • Helping you set up a meal-train
  • Putting on or folding a load of washing, changing sheets
  • A general tidy up around the house
  • Care of baby while you rest
  • General debriefing/emotional support
  • Advice and/or hands-on help setting up safe sleep spaces or nursery
  • Best-practice guidance on the use of carriers, bottles, dummies, cloth nappies, swaddles/wraps
  • Sharing of information, resources and referrals to help create your own village to support you
  • Supporting you in becoming more comfortable asking for help and the benefits of community care (vs ‘self care’)
  • Helping you think about and set up daily rhythms that will nurture and meet the needs of your whole family while
  • Helping clarify your values and parenting style
  • Guidance on evidence-based, biologically normal infant behaviours around feeding, sleep and settling
  • Organising of spaces that will make daily life easier for you
  • Advice on conscious, intentional acquisition of things for yourself and baby through a simplified lens, so you have what you need  (but without the excess and overwhelming amount of ‘stuff’ that you may have been told you need)
  • Guidance on making simple changes towards a more sustainable, lower-tox, lower-waste life


*In addition  – you are welcome to add-on to your package things like: extra hours,  ongoing messaging support, a home-delivered postpartum meal pack, digital educational resources  and selected postpartum-focused products made by local practitioners (think: massage oils, tinctures or aromatherapy goods).

Packages start at $550 – please get in touch to access my full Services and Price Guide or to customise a package to suit your needs. I would be privileged to be part of your journey  as you prepare to become a newly-born mother x