*COVID-19 update October 2020:  Restrictions are still in place in Melbourne which continues to impact my ability to provide in-home care until the full restrictions are lifted at the end of October. I will be available to take on maximum of two families (not at the same time) for the months of November and December 2020. 


Are you preparing for the arrival of your baby but worried about how you will cope with the exhaustion, heightened emotions or simply the unknown? Or is your babe already here and your are struggling with these things already? You don’t have to do it alone – I can help you navigate this time of radical transformation by helping you you slow down, rest and receive help.

The time immediately after the birth of your baby is the time for you to rest, be nourished and cared for. Women are not meant to mother alone. So much focus is on the pregnancy and safe arrival of baby with much less thought given to what happens when you get home and your new life begins. Imagine knowing how to best set yourself up to reduce stress and nurture yourself in the fourth trimester so you all you need to do is focus on healing,  feeding and bonding with your baby?

I can offer you the support, guidance and reassurance you need to help you feel anchored, supported and confident in the choices you make for your family. It might be warming, nourishing food, clean sheets on the bed, someone to hold the baby while you take a bath or long hot shower or sharing resources to help build your village. Whatever it may be, my job is to meet you at your point of need so you can ease into motherhood feeling confident, supported and prepared. My wish for you is to feel empowered and confident as you make the transition into motherhood, while protecting and nurturing the mental wellbeing of both you and your baby. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.



Justine made us feel comfortable straight away. She is gentle, caring, passionate about infant care (and the motherhood journey) and wise. Her experience and knowledge combine to deliver a holistic, nurturing, strategic approach to the postpartum period – from helping us navigate bottles and the crazy number of different teats on the market, making lactation cookies and tea, helping us plan ahead and keep our baby safe – she was our saviour. Looking back, the small, smart changes she made to our set up, would have taken us months to work out! Justine started with us when Harry was five weeks old – the only thing I’d change would be engaging her sooner!” Kate