Here are some of the most common things that might pass through my mind when hiring a postpartum professional. I’ve only touched on the topics below briefly and always welcome further conversation as I feel it’s important you can get to know me personally and where my values lie. It’s important to remember though, that my role is to simply provide you with up to date, evidenced-based information so that you can make informed choices. You are the expert of your baby and your family!


How does it work?
We start with a phone chat and if you’d then like to learn more, I offer a complimentary, obligation-free initial meeting (approx 45 mins) to get a feel if we might be a good fit and have the potential to make a genuine connection. At this meeting we can unpack in more detail what your needs are, package options, the logistics of how we would work together and my terms and conditions. If you decide to include a Postpartum Planning session, we would aim to have our first prenatal session – ideally by around 35 weeks so you have time to put things in place. At this session we can also discuss when you would like your sessions to begin and at what frequency. I am also happy to connect with you once your baby is born – we just jiggle the order of things a little to make sure I can meet you at your exact point of need.

Why should I hire you?

Women are not meant to mother alone. We need to lean into community. By asking for help, slowing down and tuning in to your own needs I can help you reduce the feeling of overwhelm, exhaustion and uncertainty and help you start feeling more confident and supported as you move into motherhood. You can spend those precious early weeks and months making rest, recovery and bonding with your baby a priority instead of worrying about all.the.things that need ‘doing’.  I will work with you to create healthy boundaries, behaviours and daily rhythms and turn them into reliable and consistent habits. It is your hard work and commitment to your wellbeing that makes achieving your vision for your postpartum inevitable.


What makes you qualified to do this kind of work?
I have been supporting families for over 20 years – as a nanny, cook, housekeeper and professional organiser. I’ve seen first-hand the joys and struggles of Motherhood.  I can often anticipate someone’s needs before they might even realise what it is themself needed at that moment. I undertook my postpartum doula training in 2019 with Julia Jones of the Newborn Mothers Collective as well as additional professional development with midwife and breastfeeding educator Amberley Harris of Maternal Instincts by Amberley and MAMA (Midwives and Mothers Australia). I am also networked with doulas Australia-wide through the Doula Network Australia and the Newborn Mothers Alumni program. Both groups have active online spaces where information, experience, knowledge and support is shared.

On a practical level, I have a current Police check and Working With Children check, Public Liability insurance and am trained in paediatric first aid. I also hold (accredited) advanced food handling & food safety qualifications. I also have current memberships with the Doula Network Australia and the Newborn Mothers Collective.


Can you wholly support me without being a mother yourself?
In truth, this question crossed my mind too. Was not having my own birth and Motherhood story going to affect my ability to support vulnerable new Mothers?

I truly believe that it’s not the physical experiences of being human that connect us – it’s the emotional ones. I have lived experience of many of the heavier emotions that often come with Motherhood – pain, sadness, uncertainty and significant anxiety; just to name a few. I have learnt to acknowledge, accept and and sit with these feelings. The qualities that make up a mother are universal – vulnerability, empathy, kindness, compassion, patience, generosity and an instinct to nurture. I come to you with all these qualities – and while the path that led me to them may not have been Motherhood, they are in essence what is important in caring for new Mothers.

How does it work when you cook for me?
One of the core components of my services is cooking for you. I have a range of postpartum-specific nourishing recipes for you to choose from. I’ll generally confirm the items and shopping list for you a few days before our session to have on hand. I can also purchase anything you might need on the way to your home if needed (because lets be real about getting out of the house when you have a newborn).  You are of course welcome to provide specific recipes if you have things you would love to have made for you too! I’ll often serve you something to eat and drink while I am there and then leave the rest packed up and labelled with storage and serving instructions ready to enjoy throughout the week or freeze for later use. I come armed with my favourite kitchen tools and utensils as well as my most-used herbs and spices, a jar of ghee and a stash of (compostable) storage containers if you need them. I’ll clean up, wash the dishes and  take away any food scraps for composting if required.


How much do you charge/Why are your prices more than a nanny/cleaner/housekeeper?
This model of care is perhaps different to what you might be used to. The work of Mothers as well as Mothercare is hugely undervalued by society. You are paying for value and outcomes vs time or sessions – in a way it’s false economy to try and calculate a traditional hourly rate for this kind of holistic care as you are not simply paying for the hours I spend with you – you are investing in the knowledge, experience, professional development and resources I have gathered over many years as well as the (unseen) non-contact hours I invest in our time together to make sure I can provide you with the best  support I can.


Can I gift your services to a friend or family member?
In short, the answer is yes. However – I don’t offer traditional gift vouchers due to the personal and intimate nature of postpartum care. The recipient needs to be comfortable with and open to support – so I generally suggest flagging the idea with your friend or family member, sending them some information and seeing how it feels for them. If they are open to the idea and want to go ahead (or have specifically requested my services as a gift), you can do one of two things; pay for the package directly once the recipient has met and booked in with me – or give them the money towards the package (this works well if a few of you are contributing).